My 3 Main Sources of Internet Income

There are really many ways to make money online. And all of these ways can be categorised into various online business models for internet money making. You do not have to pursue all of them, just find one or two models to focus your energy on to start raking in cash from the Internet…

These are the main models/programs that account for my internet income:

1. Affiliate marketing – In short, I sell products for other companies and I get paid for sales generated through my web sites, in the form of commissions. I enjoy selling Clickbank products now because they can pay me my commissions directly into my local banks accounts every 2 weeks.

2. Google AdSense – This is a program from Google that allows you to put advertisements from Google advertisers onto your own web sites. You get paid when your visitors click on those Google advertisers’ ads on your web sites. Google will send you cash cheques when you hit their minimum threshhold for payment payout. I will get cheques sent to my home from Google every 1-2 months.

3. EBay – This is probably the most basic form of internet business that one can adopt. We can buy and sell goods internationally on the Internet via ebay.com platform. This is more than a place to sell unwanted stuff. I know of a close friend who sells thousands of dollars of products each month. I am still relatively “new” at this ebay selling business although I have been a long time user of eBay.

If one is willing to spend time to learn and put in some effort to do it, making money online every day is very possible and not that hard to achieve.

I hope this short blog post of mine can open up your mind to the real possibility of making money on the Internet.

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My Power Tools That Make Me More Money Online

Many of my friends and clients always ask me one same question whenever I tell them that I teach newbies how to make money online. And this is the question:

“What are the tools or software that you use to make money online?”

Let me try to answer this question today since I am kinda motivated today to write. Before I start, I want to let you know that these are the Power Tools that I use to help me make more money online. Some of them are free for all to use, while some will require a monthly subscription fee or one time fee for acquiring the tools. So here they go:

GoDaddy – I use this domain registrar to register most of my domains. A domain is very cheap these days. You can get one for under USD$10 per year. You need a domain so that people can find your web site online (for me, it’s more for branding purposes.)

BlueHost – This is the web hosting company that I use. I pay for one hosting account that allows me to host unlimited domains. Web hosting is the process of storing your web pages online on web servers so that your visitors can load your web pages when they visit your domain.

Keyword Elite – I use this keyword research tool to research on what people are searching for online. It gives me information and data that may not be readily available for free online (which is the reason why I invested in this great tool instead of using free resources). This nifty piece of software also allows me to research on my competitors online to give me that edge over them.

WordPress– This is a wonderful piece of blogging software that is available for you to use. It is also the world’s most popular blogging software. This web site that you are reading now is powered by WordPress. I can churn out new web sites faster than you can finish your cup of hot tea.

NVU – This is also another free piece of web page editing tool. If you are comfortable using Microsoft Word, probably you can learn how to use this piece of web page editor with ease.

GetResponse – This is the monthly subscription email tool that I use to automate all my email chores of subscribing/unsubscribing people from my mailing list, sending out follow up emails for me automatically while I am sleeping, doing mass email broadcast to my mailing list, checking on how many people click on the links inside my emails etc. This is one tool that I cannot do without for my internet businesses.

I will attempt to update this blog post as I progresses through my Internet entrepreneurship, as I scale new heights for my Internet income…

Hope you enjoyed this post! Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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How to convert PDF to Word document for free

If you are looking for a free and easy way to convert a document from PDF to Word format, you want to check out this web site: http://www.pdftoword.com/

Nothing to pay, nothing to download… It just takes you 3 easy steps to convert a document from PDF to Word document:

1. Select the PDF document to convert from your computer.

2. Convert PDF file to .DOC or .RTF format by selecting your desired format.

3. Enter your email address to send your converted document to.

Check your email and wait for a while for the converted .DOC file to be sent to your email.

It’s that simple, and like i said, it’s free!

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Simple SEO tips to get you number 1 spot on Google

I felt the urge to share some simple SEO tips with my readers today.

I do not proclaim myself as a SEO expert or hardcore SEO guy but these are the same strategies that I have employed for my online projects and they are giving me pretty good search engine results, including the most coveted number 1 spot on Google search engine results for many of my projects.

The tips below will work well if you are targeting keywords with relatively lower competition. So here they are:

1. Choose a domain name with your targeted keywords in it. Somehow it will give you a good advantage. I am saying this because some of my internet projects which I did not do much or any marketing at all are being picked up by Google and ranked on page 1 of their search results for my keywords.

2. When you name your web pages or images (or other web site files) on your web site, please give them meaningful file names, whenever possible. Include your targeted keywords in them.

3. You most probably know this tip but I still want to write it here for those who have no idea about it: The title, headline, meta tags (for keywords, description etc) of your articles, blog posts etc should be meaningful and include your targeted keywords in them, whenever possible.

Try the above tips yourself! I hope they can give you some good results!

P.S.: If you are trying to rank for competitive keywords, it will surely take much more efforts than the above simple tips. For me, when a keyword is very competitive, I do not even try to rank for me because it will take me a much longer time to rank, and usually I believe it will not last for very long because your other competitors will try to outrank you.

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Just a quick post today:

Ewen Chia, arguably the world’s number 1 affiliate marketer, is launching his first print book in less than 10 hours from now! You can get a free copy of the chapter 1 of his print book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet And How You Can Too!” now at http://www.internetmillionaires.com.

I will be getting it once it launches on Amazon later today. I have a prediction to make: This book will become a best seller on Amazon.com within 24 hours of its launch. Don’t believe? Let’s wait and see! This is the power of the Internet. I have seen how Mark Joyner, the godfather of Internet Marketing, did it years ago. Many other online marketers repeated the same feat too.

I highly recommend that you get a copy quick when it launches because you will get a bonus package worth a total value of $1,894.00 for FREE when you buy the book.

I respect Ewen for what he has been doing and I do not get anything out of this promotion. I am a living testimonial that his stuff works! If you want to make more money online doing affiliate marketing, he is one guy that should be on your radar!

Oh, and before I forget, Singaporeans will get a free one day workshop when you buy his book on launch date. This alone is worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

Update: This book has already hit #1 on Amazon.com across all categories,  including the main bestseller list, even before first 24 hours of launch are over (despite the fact that their servers had been attacked)!  If you are having problems ordering the book or claiming your bonuses, please try again later. 

P.S.: So, my above prediction is right! Internet marketers can ‘move and shake’ the internet when they operate in an collaborative effort! :)

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An Interview With An Ex-Google Employee Simon Leung

I had the opportunity to meet Simon Leung, an ex-Google employee at one of the local Internet Marketing seminar “Asia Internet Congress” in Singapore in recent years.

Simon Leung AdWords Expert

Even better still, my partner had the chance to conduct an interview with Simon on how he managed to build an opt-in list of 5322 subscribers in just 10 days while paying only $0.06 per click!

And now, I have decided to make this interview available to you.

If you are interested on how to better profit with Google AdWords, feel free to check out Simon’s AdWords Formula interview.

Oh, you mean you do not know who is Simon Leung? Ok, here is an introduction about him, from his blog:

Simon Leung, known all across the Internet Marketing industry as the Google Optimization Insider and Master AdWords Optimizer, is one of the world’s leading experts in Google AdWords.

In April of 2002, back when very few people have even heard about Google.com, Simon became one of the very first individuals to join the Google AdWords team. For several months, he was one of the highest performers in his role as an AdWords Representative, also known as an Editorial Specialist, manually going through thousands upon thousands of ads at any given week, which gave him the opportunity to ramp up on the Google AdWords product at a very early stage in his career.

After mastering the basic skills of Google AdWords, Simon sought his next challenge as an AdWords Email Coordinator, where he once again became one of the highest performers on his team, cranking through an average of over 100 customer emails on a daily basis. In addition, Simon even managed customer support over the phone and in the Chinese language, even though the official Phone and International Teams had not been established yet at the time.

If you want to know more about him, check out Simon’s blog over here.

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If you say you cannot make money online, obviously you do not know what is really going on on the Internet today…

Allow me to share with you some eBay strategies:
1. I know of an associate in Malaysia who will often scout Ikea Malaysia for furniture and items that he can sell to overseas market such as the UK.

What happens is that he buys products from Ikea in Malaysia using Malaysian Ringgit and then sell them in British Pounds to the UK market. British Pounds is higher in currency value when compared to Malaysian Ringgit. So for example, he buys an item from Ikea in $50 Ringgit, and he sells them to UK for $40 Pounds, the difference in the value of the currency already made him a good profit a few times over!

2. I know of a Singaporean eBay millionaire who made his millions selling on eBay. He will buy Vespa motorcycles cheap in Indonesia, re-furbish them very nicely and sell them to the US market. His profit per sale for a re-furbish Vespa is easily more than what an average person earns a month!

There are countless people who are quietly making a full time income on eBay, many of them hitting a 5-figure income every month!

You may be very surprised what some people buy and sell on eBay! What is seemingly a junk item to you may be a precious gem to someone else, who are willing to pay good money on it!

If you are convinced to try selling on eBay, and you need some help, you can consider one of our products at www.AutomatedInternetIncomeSystem.com. Our system will show you where to source for products to sell too!

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Recently, I was looking around for a download protection script that can protect my digital file downloads from internet piracy and theft.

So, I started to ask around for help, and one of the trainers on a search engine marketing forum recommended me DLGuard.com.

Being a skeptical of online products and software, especially when an excellent salescopy can make an inferior product looks good, I decided to conduct my own research on DLGuard before I purchase and buy it with my hard-earned money!

What I was about to discover surprised me!

To cut the whole story short, I spent more than one week checking out many web sites (yes, many of them!) that are discussing about DLGuard.com and I can tell you that DLGuard customers are a happy lot of customers.

Along the process of researching on this popular file download protection software, I actually discovered the following:

1. One of my Internet marketing mentors has actually given his testimonial on DLGuard.com!
2. The various online marketing projects in which I am actively involved in are actually powered by DLguard to secure their digital downloads!

Naturally, I went ahead to get the feedback from my fellow marketers about this piece of software script. Their responses? DLGuard is a high quality piece of software that performs what it does, at an affordable price. I was also told it was easy to setup, and the customer support from the product owner Sam Stephens was excellent.

Needless to say, I made my decision to buy DLGuard shortly after my research because of too many good DLGuard reviews. With a money-back guarantee for my purchase, there was absolutely nothing I can lose. If I do not like this digital download protection script, I can simply ask for a refund.

After I have purchased and downloaded DLGuard onto my computer, I wanted to set it up soon. At this point, I had a few pleasant surprises from this nifty piece of script…

To make installation of the script simple, Sam Stephens has actually created an executable installation file that you can run on your computer to automatically transfer all the files from your local computer onto your web server after you have supplied all the necessary web server login credentials during the installation wizard setup. You do not even need to launch your FTP client to do the manual uploading and installation yourself, unless you choose to.

All the components that are required to run the DLGuard software are also packaged inside the executable file to make things easier for you.

As an Internet Marketer and an ex-programmer, I can tell you how much the non-techies or newbies will appreciate this handy feature because it will save many of you the headache of installing your own script.

Nevertheless, I had a small issue when I was trying to install the script, and the issue is with my web host company because I need to set up my web hosting account correctly to run DLGuard.

After posting on DLGuard support forum for help, Sam actually responded to my forum post within a short few hours with the answers I needed and his offer to help me out if I have any more problems.

By now, you should realise that I have just became another happy customer of Sam!

Just in case you want to know what are the other reasons that made me choose DLGuard over other download protection scripts, here they are:

1. Membership management is another feature of DLGuard. This means that you can easily create a paid or free membership site with it. It can also perform automatic signups and removals, and protected the download links within your new membership site. You can use it to create a recurring sales (membership) web site as a new source of income.

2. You can also set up a built-in shopping cart to offer your customers a range of products that they would like to buy. Your customers can add the desired products into their shopping cart and then make payments for all their products. You can use DLGuard to sell your ebooks, software titles, downloadable music or videos, and more!

3. DLGuard is also integrated with the major payment systems online such as Paypal, Clickbank, PayDotCom, 1ShoppingCart, 2CO and many others! So you can be sure that when you changes your payment systems, you can still continue to use the script.

4. And you can install DLGuard on 2 of your web sites for the price of one as long as you own both web sites!

This is my DLGuard review and I am recommending this wonderful software to all my clients and friends if they need an excellent, affordable and robust file download protection software to protect and streamline their online businesses.

You can click here to buy DLGuard!

Review by Donald Lim

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If you are on a tight budget to create a web site, you can download many free website templates at this web site called http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com

You do not even have to supply your email address or pay any money to start downloading web site templates for you to use. These are high quality and zero-cost templates for you to start using to create your new website projects!

If you cannot afford the popular Photoshop software to edit the source file of these free web site templates, you can download the GIMP software, also known as The GNU Image Manipulation Program, at http://gimp.org/.  GIMP is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages, including Microsoft Windows.

If you need a HTML web page editor, you can try out this free editor at www.NVU.com. NVU is also free and it is also quite popular!

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Remember to bookmark us!

I have been waiting for this day to come since I started receiving my commissions cheques from Clickbank regularly! Yeah! This means that I can get the money that I have made online faster from now on!

Clickbank can now send my monthly commissions directly to my bank account in Singapore, instead of having me to wait for days for the cheque to arrive from overseas, and then to wait for weeks for the US Dollars cheque to clear before I can receive the money in my bank!

Check out this page for more information:

New Direct Deposit Countries – 2008-12-16

ClickBank is pleased to extend direct deposit (XACH) payments to new countries for eligible clients:

Hong Kong

For more information about enabling direct deposit and a full list of supported countries, please refer to Clickbank Direct Deposit Documentation and our Accounting Policy.

This latest arrangement will also mean that Direct Deposit payments made in my local currency to my bank account allows me to avoid unnecessary bank fees for clearing foreign dollars denominated cheques!

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