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I have been waiting for this day to come since I started receiving my commissions cheques from Clickbank regularly! Yeah! This means that I can get the money that I have made online faster from now on!

Clickbank can now send my monthly commissions directly to my bank account in Singapore, instead of having me to wait for days for the cheque to arrive from overseas, and then to wait for weeks for the US Dollars cheque to clear before I can receive the money in my bank!

Check out this page for more information:

New Direct Deposit Countries – 2008-12-16

ClickBank is pleased to extend direct deposit (XACH) payments to new countries for eligible clients:

Hong Kong

For more information about enabling direct deposit and a full list of supported countries, please refer to Clickbank Direct Deposit Documentation and our Accounting Policy.

This latest arrangement will also mean that Direct Deposit payments made in my local currency to my bank account allows me to avoid unnecessary bank fees for clearing foreign dollars denominated cheques!

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