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How to convert PDF to Word document for free

If you are looking for a free and easy way to convert a document from PDF to Word format, you want to check out this web site:

Nothing to pay, nothing to download… It just takes you 3 easy steps to convert a document from PDF to Word document:

1. Select the PDF document to convert from your computer.

2. Convert PDF file to .DOC or .RTF format by selecting your desired format.

3. Enter your email address to send your converted document to.

Check your email and wait for a while for the converted .DOC file to be sent to your email.

It’s that simple, and like i said, it’s free!

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If you are on a tight budget to create a web site, you can download many free website templates at this web site called

You do not even have to supply your email address or pay any money to start downloading web site templates for you to use. These are high quality and zero-cost templates for you to start using to create your new website projects!

If you cannot afford the popular Photoshop software to edit the source file of these free web site templates, you can download the GIMP software, also known as The GNU Image Manipulation Program, at  GIMP is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages, including Microsoft Windows.

If you need a HTML web page editor, you can try out this free editor at NVU is also free and it is also quite popular!

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Free Screen Capture Software From TechSmith

Are you looking for a free piece of software to capture images on your desktop, or maybe to record a video of what you are doing or what you are seeing on your computer screen?

Well, TechSmith has the solution for you, and the best part is: It’s free!

They dubbed it the JingProject.

check out to get your free copy. And BTW if you love it, consider checking out other TechSmith’s products or buy one if you need any.

They are most well-known for their SnagIt screen capture software and another screen video capturing software called Camtasia.

I am using both software titles and let me tell you: They are the best in their class!


WordPress 2.7 Integrated With Google Gears

The world’s most popular blogging platform WordPress has a new version, WordPress 2.7, codenamed “Coltrane” and it is available for download now at

It is also integrated with Google Gears!

Google Gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser:

  • Desktop – Let web applications interact Naturally with your desktop
  • Database – Store data locally in a fully-searchable database
  • WorkerPool – Run JavaScript in the background to improve performance

If you want to know more information about Google Gear, check out

Do You Want 64-Pages Of Free Resources For Web 2.0 Niche Domination, Buzz Generation, Higher Rankings, And Endless Traffic? Then please read on…

I got hold of this report many months ago and I was really hesitant to share it with everyone else.

Nevertheless I decided to do it with my blog readers since I got nothing to lose by doing so.

I am not allowed to give away this report myself, so here is the link to the report.

This is one of the best and free report that you can ever find on the Internet now about Web 2.0 traffic generation strategies!

There is NO WAY that you cannot get additional free web site traffic after reading and applying the techniques mentioned inside this report because it is just so good.

And BTW, you will not have all the time to apply everything that was mentioned inside this free report because it is just too much of great information inside it!

Saw a video that you liked on and you want to download a copy for your own keeping? Check out this web site that let you do so for free and there is no need to install any special software or plug in on your own computer.

This site also allows you to download videos from many other popular web sites.

This is one of the easiest way to extract videos from other video sharing web sites!

Hope you like it!

Many newbies always wondered how to create a web site fast. My answer to them is always WordPress. The reasons are as follows:

  • WordPress is free and easy to use. It is open source software!
  • It is also very easy to learn.
  • WordPress is easy to install too even if you do not have any technical knowledge, especially if your web host support Fantastico or SimpleScript. With the use of  Fantastico or SimpleScript, with a few clicks of the mouse, your WordPress blog is installed.
  • To give it a new look, simply search online for a free WordPress theme, upload it onto your web host using FTP (no worries, it is very easy to do FTP), activate the theme inside your WordPress control panel and you will have a nice looking web site or blog within minutes.
  • There are a lot of other free WordPress plugins that you can download and use for your blog too to expand the functionalities of WordPress.
  • There are lots of WordPress users, designers and developers all over the world. If you need any technical support for WordPress, you will have a ready community of people to reach out to.

If you are seriously considering using WordPress but need some help to start, you can try out these commercial WordPress videos from that will help you lots of time while trying to learn WordPress. You will get many beautiful WordPress themes and many other bonuses as part of those videos. Great value in my opinion!

Learn how to fish (create beautiful-looking web sites within minutes ), and you will never have to have someone fish for you again (never ever need to pay expensive rates to hire a web designer again).


Google Trends Singapore is here!

Google Trends is now available in Singapore. It is the 3rd country outside of the USA, after India, to have it. It allows one to check on the search trend based on location.

You can find out more about Google Trends Singapore at

I have used Google Trends in the past to locate where are most of my searches for my targeted market coming from. This allows me to know where my prospects are located so that I can do geographical based marketing.

I know it can help you too!