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Simple SEO tips to get you number 1 spot on Google

I felt the urge to share some simple SEO tips with my readers today.

I do not proclaim myself as a SEO expert or hardcore SEO guy but these are the same strategies that I have employed for my online projects and they are giving me pretty good search engine results, including the most coveted number 1 spot on Google search engine results for many of my projects.

The tips below will work well if you are targeting keywords with relatively lower competition. So here they are:

1. Choose a domain name with your targeted keywords in it. Somehow it will give you a good advantage. I am saying this because some of my internet projects which I did not do much or any marketing at all are being picked up by Google and ranked on page 1 of their search results for my keywords.

2. When you name your web pages or images (or other web site files) on your web site, please give them meaningful file names, whenever possible. Include your targeted keywords in them.

3. You most probably know this tip but I still want to write it here for those who have no idea about it: The title, headline, meta tags (for keywords, description etc) of your articles, blog posts etc should be meaningful and include your targeted keywords in them, whenever possible.

Try the above tips yourself! I hope they can give you some good results!

P.S.: If you are trying to rank for competitive keywords, it will surely take much more efforts than the above simple tips. For me, when a keyword is very competitive, I do not even try to rank for me because it will take me a much longer time to rank, and usually I believe it will not last for very long because your other competitors will try to outrank you.

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