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Tips To Generate Fast And Massive Traffic Using Videos!

Video marketing is another wonderful strategy to generate good traffic to your blogs or web sites.

I offer some tips below on what you can do with videos to drive traffic to your sites or blogs:

1.    Create a video and upload your video (create as many as you can) for everyone to share on the Internet.
A common way of doing it is to create a video using your digital camera or video recorder and put it on extremely high traffic web site such as YouTube or Google Video to tap into their traffic and ‘steal’ some for yourself! I am sure you came across some videos that generated millions of hits within a short period of time or over a period of time.

In your video, remember to put a link back to your own web site. I have seen some really interesting videos in action which can generate hundreds or even millions of hits within days of going online. Some of them even have international news coverage from news agency like CNN etc. If you are able to do this properly, you can get great and Free traffic to your own web site or blog.

This method will even work better if you are more technical-savvy to create and edit your own videos. If not, just get someone to do it for you as a personal favour or for a fee.

2.    The other way is for you to find very popular or high traffic videos and give your comments on the videos. If you have already noticed, on many video web sites such as, you are allowed to leave your comments on a video, or even to create a new video by yourself in response to an existing video that you have seen on the video sites.

When you leave your comments on a video with very high traffic, you can potentially tap on those massive traffic if your comment has been seen by a video viewer on the web site.

Remember to include your web site address on your comment and this allows others to be exposed to your web site address, and if they click on it, or if they are keen to find out more about your web site, they may launch a web browser and surf to your web site. There it is, you are getting free traffic going over to your web site.

2 of the most famous video sites are and There are also many other such video sharing sites. You just go to and search for them.

Some additional tips for video marketing:
a)    If you are trying to comment on, you are not allowed to insert a generic domain name into your comments such as To work around this limitation imposed by YouTube, you may enter something similar to mydomain (dot) com, or mydomain-dot-com in order for your comments to appear. Most Internet users will be intelligent enough to get what you are trying to tell them! (Trust me, my experience tells me that many of those users will deliberately type in your web site address in a new browser window to visit your site if your offer or web site is compelling enough to attract them to go to!)

b)    Some videos owners may not allow your comments to appear under the comments column of their videos when they do their comments moderation for your comments for whatever reasons that they may have. If that is the case, you may want to look for other new videos to post your comments to attract the traffic that you want. Don’t waste your time asking them why your comments are moderated! :)

Try video marketing! It can be very fun. Of the many free traffic generation strategies and tips that I have tried out, video marketing has proven itself that it can be one of the fastest form of traffic generation, directly after Pay-Per-Click marketing!

Saw a video that you liked on and you want to download a copy for your own keeping? Check out this web site that let you do so for free and there is no need to install any special software or plug in on your own computer.

This site also allows you to download videos from many other popular web sites.

This is one of the easiest way to extract videos from other video sharing web sites!

Hope you like it!