If you say you cannot make money online, obviously you do not know what is really going on on the Internet today…

Allow me to share with you some eBay strategies:
1. I know of an associate in Malaysia who will often scout Ikea Malaysia for furniture and items that he can sell to overseas market such as the UK.

What happens is that he buys products from Ikea in Malaysia using Malaysian Ringgit and then sell them in British Pounds to the UK market. British Pounds is higher in currency value when compared to Malaysian Ringgit. So for example, he buys an item from Ikea in $50 Ringgit, and he sells them to UK for $40 Pounds, the difference in the value of the currency already made him a good profit a few times over!

2. I know of a Singaporean eBay millionaire who made his millions selling on eBay. He will buy Vespa motorcycles cheap in Indonesia, re-furbish them very nicely and sell them to the US market. His profit per sale for a re-furbish Vespa is easily more than what an average person earns a month!

There are countless people who are quietly making a full time income on eBay, many of them hitting a 5-figure income every month!

You may be very surprised what some people buy and sell on eBay! What is seemingly a junk item to you may be a precious gem to someone else, who are willing to pay good money on it!

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  1. February 4, 2009 at 6:24 am

    I know there are people who really make money thru selling on eBay, but I myself didn't have that knowledge on eBay and temporarily don't have any "business idea" on selling there.. :)

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