My 3 Main Sources of Internet Income

There are really many ways to make money online. And all of these ways can be categorised into various online business models for internet money making. You do not have to pursue all of them, just find one or two models to focus your energy on to start raking in cash from the Internet…

These are the main models/programs that account for my internet income:

1. Affiliate marketing – In short, I sell products for other companies and I get paid for sales generated through my web sites, in the form of commissions. I enjoy selling Clickbank products now because they can pay me my commissions directly into my local banks accounts every 2 weeks.

2. Google AdSense – This is a program from Google that allows you to put advertisements from Google advertisers onto your own web sites. You get paid when your visitors click on those Google advertisers’ ads on your web sites. Google will send you cash cheques when you hit their minimum threshhold for payment payout. I will get cheques sent to my home from Google every 1-2 months.

3. EBay – This is probably the most basic form of internet business that one can adopt. We can buy and sell goods internationally on the Internet via platform. This is more than a place to sell unwanted stuff. I know of a close friend who sells thousands of dollars of products each month. I am still relatively “new” at this ebay selling business although I have been a long time user of eBay.

If one is willing to spend time to learn and put in some effort to do it, making money online every day is very possible and not that hard to achieve.

I hope this short blog post of mine can open up your mind to the real possibility of making money on the Internet.

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