My Power Tools That Make Me More Money Online

Many of my friends and clients always ask me one same question whenever I tell them that I teach newbies how to make money online. And this is the question:

“What are the tools or software that you use to make money online?”

Let me try to answer this question today since I am kinda motivated today to write. Before I start, I want to let you know that these are the Power Tools that I use to help me make more money online. Some of them are free for all to use, while some will require a monthly subscription fee or one time fee for acquiring the tools. So here they go:

GoDaddy – I use this domain registrar to register most of my domains. A domain is very cheap these days. You can get one for under USD$10 per year. You need a domain so that people can find your web site online (for me, it’s more for branding purposes.)

BlueHost – This is the web hosting company that I use. I pay for one hosting account that allows me to host unlimited domains. Web hosting is the process of storing your web pages online on web servers so that your visitors can load your web pages when they visit your domain.

Keyword Elite – I use this keyword research tool to research on what people are searching for online. It gives me information and data that may not be readily available for free online (which is the reason why I invested in this great tool instead of using free resources). This nifty piece of software also allows me to research on my competitors online to give me that edge over them.

WordPress– This is a wonderful piece of blogging software that is available for you to use. It is also the world’s most popular blogging software. This web site that you are reading now is powered by WordPress. I can churn out new web sites faster than you can finish your cup of hot tea.

NVU – This is also another free piece of web page editing tool. If you are comfortable using Microsoft Word, probably you can learn how to use this piece of web page editor with ease.

GetResponse – This is the monthly subscription email tool that I use to automate all my email chores of subscribing/unsubscribing people from my mailing list, sending out follow up emails for me automatically while I am sleeping, doing mass email broadcast to my mailing list, checking on how many people click on the links inside my emails etc. This is one tool that I cannot do without for my internet businesses.

I will attempt to update this blog post as I progresses through my Internet entrepreneurship, as I scale new heights for my Internet income…

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